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Do you have something to share and want to grow your website traffic? Is your website new & needing visitors? Have you ever thought about becoming a guest blogger? What is a guest blogger & how to benefit from guest blogging? That’s a question that many business friends have asked me in the past & I’m glad to share my perspective on this subject.

Guest blogging benefits all involved, it generates traffic for the blogger but also creates content for the website owner. The key is for the content to be original as well as valuable and relevant to the audience. Here at we share reviews on businesses so as long as you have an online business, you’ll qualify for & benefit by being a guest blogger here.

Affiliate Marketing is the simplest business model for newbies!

How to find Guest Blogging Sites

I’m not saying that finding a site that allows guest bloggers is impossible, it’s just not as easy as it may sound. Most sites that do allow guest bloggers have many requirements as well as charges associated with their service. Finding a quality site that allows guest blogging without charging an arm & a leg are far and few between! I’m not trying to intimidate you or deter you from trying, I’m just being realistic. Yes, contact a site that you want to guest blog on and find out if they are interested in having you write an article that would be mutually beneficial.

The absolute best sites to contact are sites that you don’t compete with, it’s better to identify sites that compliment your site so that it’ll be a benefit to all involved. Also when contacting another website owner about becoming a guest blogger, you may want to offer for them to guest blog on your site as well. Make sure that you have both gone over the structure and ground rules of the blog posts prior to finalizing a deal with each other.

Guest Blogging for BackLinks Link Building

Definition of link building

Link building is the procedure of obtaining links from other websites to your very own. A link (normally simply called a link) is a way for users to navigate between pages on the internet. Search engines utilize links to creep the internet; they will crawl the links between the specific pages on your website, and also they will creep the links in between whole websites. There are several techniques for developing links, and also while they differ in problem, Search Engines have a tendency to concur that link building is just one of the hardest components of their tasks. Several Search Engines invest the majority of their time attempting to do it well. Because of that, if you can master the art of developing premium links, it can truly put you ahead of both other Search Engines as well as your competitors.

Why is link building crucial for SEO?

  • The composition of a hyperlink

In order to recognize the relevance of link building, it’s crucial to initially recognize the essentials of how a link is created, just how the search engines see links, as well as what they can analyze from them.

Begin of link tag: Called a support tag (for this reason the “a”), this opens the link tag as well as informs search engines that a web link to something else will comply with.

Link reference place: The “href” represents “link referral,” as well as the message inside the quotation marks suggests the URL to which the web link is directing. This does not always have to be a website; it could be the address of a picture or a document to download. Sometimes, you’ll see something aside from a URL, beginning with a # indication. These are neighborhood links, which take you to a various area of the web page you’re already on.

Visible/anchor text of link: This is the little of message that users see on the page, as well as on which they require clicking if they wish to open the link. The message is usually formatted in some way to make it stand out from the message that surrounds it, typically with blue color and/or highlighting, indicating to customers that it is a clickable link.

Closure of link tag: This signals the end of the link tag to the search engines

What Backlinks do for SEO

There are two basic manner ins which the search engines utilize links:


  • To find brand-new web pages
  • To aid determine how well a page ought to rate in their outcomes

As soon as search engines have actually crawled pages on the web, they can extract the web content of those pages as well as include it to their indexes. By doing this, they can choose if they feel a web page is of adequate top quality to be rated well for appropriate keyword phrases (Google created a brief video clip to explain that process). When they are choosing this, the search engines do not simply take a look at the content of the web page; they additionally check out the number of links pointing to that web page from outside websites and also the quality of those external websites. Typically speaking, the more premium websites that link to you, the most likely you are to place well in search results.

Links as a ranking aspect are what permitted Google to start to control the search engine market back in the late 1990s. One of Google’s owners, Larry Page, developed PageRank, which Google used to measure the high quality of a web page based partly on the number of links indicating it. This metric was then utilized as part of the total ranking algorithm and came to be a solid signal due to the fact that it was a very good mean of determining the quality of a web page.

It was so efficient due to the fact that it was based upon the suggestion that a link might be seen as a vote of self-confidence regarding a page, i.e., it wouldn’t obtain links if it really did not should have to. The concept is that when someone links to one more website, they are efficiently saying it is an excellent resource. Otherwise, they would not link to it, much in the same way that you wouldn’t send a buddy to a negative restaurant.

Nevertheless, Search Engines quickly discovered how to adjust PageRank and also search results for chosen keywords. Google started actively looking for methods to find websites which were manipulating search results, and started rolling out normal updates which were particularly targeted at removing websites that really did not be worthy of to place.

This has actually also caused Google starting to mark down a variety of link building techniques that were formerly considered penalty, for instance, submitting your website to internet directories and also getting a web link in return. This was a strategy that Google actually suggested at one point, yet it ended up being abused and also excessive used by Search Engines, so Google quit passing as much value from that kind of links.

Much more lately, Google has proactively penalized the positions of websites that have actually tried such overuse of these techniques– usually described as over-optimisation– in their link building. Google’s routine Penguin updates are one such example. Knowing which link building strategies to stay clear of as well as stay within Google’s standards is an essential topic that we’ll go over later in this overview.

We do not understand the full formula that Google utilizes to identify its search results page– that’s the firm’s “secret sauce.” Despite that fact, the basic agreement among the SEO community (according to the 2015 Moz search ranking variables study) is that links still play a huge role in that formula.

Guest Blog at

Would You like to be a guest blogger here at

If You indeed responded yes then read the simple requirements below to qualify!

  • Watch both YouTube Videos above in their entirety
  • Write a completely unique & valuable blog post with at least 1,300 words
  • Submit the article along with at least 1 image in the 250 x 250 size for your featured image
  • Include your website link and/or links to your previous article to be placed within your content
  • No referral links (link to an article on your website that can have referral affiliate links)
  • Comment on this blog post as well as this article.
  • email me at with your questions and/or intention to become a guest blogger.
  • Be a Premium at Wealthy Affiliate or a Platinum Pro Member at WebTalk.

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What is a Guest Blogger & How to Benefit from Guest Blogging?

Has this short article informed you about the 2 above questions, are you ready to guest blog?

I love assisting friends become successful & will accept your articles based upon the requirements shared above.

Feel free to contact me via email anytime at and/or visit My Top Recommendations as well.

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  1. This is actually great to see. Having the option to guest blog in here and considering the wealth of information that has made its way to this place, it can really help in the long while to focus and really just make it all worthy by boosting our own followers too. Definitely more researçh needs to be done before pitching ideas on what to blog about here will be. Thanks for this

  2. This is a great opportunity for everyone to feature on your website as a guest blogger and it is very interesting that you are giving out this opportunity to the general public, I’d love to feature on your website sometimes. It’s very nice that you shared this article, it’ll be of assistance to a lot of people.

  3. Hello Tony, thanks for sharing such a wonderful article. This would be a very nice idea as you’ve proposed it and looking at it now I really feel happy about it generally. So many people are willing to give it a try and there are just some others who are waiting for such opportunity and seeing it here would give them so much joy. 

  4. I believe that this will be a big opportunity for me as well to be able to do something with myself especially with the view that I am a beginner as a blogger and it would be so good for me to get an opportunity at a bigger stage to write. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Thanks Tony.

  5. This is such an informative and entertaining piece of writing about guest blogging that you have given Tony. Thank you for sharing this illuminating article, I’m really glad that I came across it. I think guest blogging is an amazing concept that helps both parties involved gain a wider audience for their respective blogs which will help them a lot. 

  6. Guest blogging is a simple way to attract new visitors to view your site. Working with a variety of guest bloggers will secure new readers. The trick is for you to keep them coming back based on the quality of your content.This is a great idea because it is a win/win:
    You offer your platform to a guest blogger for them to impart their insights or expertise regarding a matter as an end-result to your audience. By blending the two groups, you’re both hoping to attract in fans from every network of followers.

  7. Good afternoon,

    Thank you so much for your wealth of information and I now know so much more about optimization, back links and over optimization. Writing good content with good keywords is something that I keep working on so I appreciate any ways that I could possibly improve this. 

    I really like the idea of guest blogging although I feel that it would probably take me a little longer to write content for someone else’s website as I would feel more embarrassed and will indeed take you up on your offer to try it with you due to your wealth of knowledge.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  8. I know Guest Blogging is a content marketing and SEO technique where someone writes and publishes a blog post on a third party website or blog to promote their personal/corporate brand and i have been doing it for a very long time but stopped for sometime  and i think Tony Lee Hamilton website is the best place to start again.

  9. Hey again Tony, great topic. I bookmarked this page for later because my site is new and I don’t have anything to link to yet lol. If I end up doing a guest blog post on your site does the post have to be a product review specifically or can it be informative in nature rather than a sales pitch review? Let me know what kind of wiggle room there is, thanks buddy.

  10. Guest blogging to be available information on sites like Wealthy Affiliate that teaches on how to build, run and have an online successful business as I believe it is a helpful way for beginners  to master writing skills as the bar is really high to get accepted for such. Also it will help boost the waiting time to be ranked by Google. Great article Tony. 

  11. This is a great opportunity as you have a large following and you are quite trusted on the internet as you have a lot of experience. I will definitely get back to you on this as I am looking to grow my website traffic and eventually earn a lot more online. Thank you, I am sure that a lot of people will appreciate and take up this opportunity.

  12. Guest blogging is something that I have enjoyed doing in the past and hope to do more in the future. You’ve brought out some important points that I need to consider, including that I need to link to relevant sites. I have not always been concerned about that in the past, as I enjoyed just being asked for my writing. My time is quite valuable now and I need to be concerned with how each minute is spent.

    I’m also planning to ask for a few good guest bloggers to my site. I think the exchange is important to building and maintaining the audience.

    Thanks for the information. I’ll be bookmarking to come back to this again!

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  14. It is great to see you helping others grow their traffic as well. Backlinks are of great importance when it comes to ranking and I have seen numerous videos on building good quality backlinks. Guest blogging is a great way to get really good backlinks and more visitors to your website.

  15. Hi Tony, 

    That’s a new one. I didn’t know that guest blogging can be so difficult to find. I loved it that you have covered the backlinks strategy which is so important for SEO. We often overlook the importance of backlinks and that is why our sites don’t attract enough traffic. I am actually going back to all my earlier blogs and inserting backlinks and parallel links to make my blogs SEO valuable. 

    Thanks for the tip, Tony.


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    Thank you Tony.

  17. Guest blogging isn’t for everyone but there are definitely benefits to it. It is for example a great way to build your brand. If you manage to get your brand onto well known and authority sites then you can build quite a reputation for you and your brand. The importance of your reputation is vital if you are going to build trust with your audience. If your audience discovers you on a reputable site then this can only enhance your trust.

    Then of course you are also building links to your site, which is a big signal to the search engines that your own content is worth reading. Thanks for offering the chance to write on your site Tony, this is a great opportunity for many of your readers.

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  19. Thank you for sharing this opportunity for others Tony. Link building is a great way to share traffic between sites and giving the opportunity for someone who may not have as big of a following as you do to earn a little traffic is amazing for both parties involved as linking sites isn’t just a one way street.

  20. I read about SEO strategy the other and just learned about the importance of connecting with other bloggers for the ranking and relevant on Google just like you have mentioned. Somehow I put that on my back pocket but never really follow through because I got side tracked with my jobs and writing my content. Now I have time I will definitely come up with a content and be a guest writer for you 🙂 

  21. huh? I think I got lost on there. We were talking about guest blogging which you really quickly smashed all hopes of doing with your first few sentences of each of your first few paragraphs so I don’t see why you even wrote about it and then you completely changed subjects…. I think anyway….I’m not sure….. It definitely lost me, but there may be some people out there that may be able to enjoy the content. May I suggest that you find all the good things about guest blogging and write about that first and then go into the not so good things about it kind of like a pro’s statement or review and then a con’s statement or review.

  22. Some people don’t consider guest blogging as something very important. Maybe, it may be because they don’t know its importance. Guest blogging is kind of a way to increase traffic on our own websites. But then, getting the right website owner for guest blogging is another thing. Some may charge very high. Hardly will you see someone that will do it for little to no bucks. But you have presented this opportunity. Nice one.

  23. The opportunity to be a guest blogger is a great one, Tony.   The requirements will weed out those of us who are faint of heart.  The benefits for both the host and the guest blogger sound like winners and definitely wideing our readership.

    This is surely something to take to the consideration list.  Thanks for creating the opportunity, and giving me a way to contact you when I am ready to be considered. 


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  25. I have been following Neil Patel for some time and among the things I have learnt is how important it’s to build links. And guess posts is a good way to do so (although big sites don’t grant us a follow back). Your post has filled in some gaps of information I had. I am grateful most of all for what you mentioned regarding links and SEO. 

  26. Hi Tony, thank you for writing this post and offering guest blogging on your website! I learned about what backlink is, something I wasn’t really familiar though keep coming across it. But I now have a much better idea what this is about now and the value of it! For guest blogging, what kind of topics can we blog about?

  27. This is a great opportunity that you have offered, and I am sure that many people would love to do a guest blog for such a prominent site. I will also try but only during my holidays when I have a bit more time on my hands, as I know how much good a guest blog can do for one’s online branding.

    I also love that you have posted a helpful video that will help guest bloggers know what you are looking for and also help you to get the right fit for your website.

  28. To have the opportunity to be a guest blogger on your site, is great to know about. You have mentioned many aspects of link building and how search engines look at links, that I was not aware of. So this has been very helpful and there are many ideas that I can apply on my own website as well. To use guest blogging to build backlinks, is indeed a great way and one that I will look into more. 

  29. What a fantastic article! 

    It has presented me with some new information and a way in which I can grow my website. 

    I will definately be looking into doing guest blogging now, the videos in this article are well worth the watch, showing me things i really ought to be doing with my posts, to get more recognised by the search engins.

     I am so pleased I came across this article, as I love websites and blog posts that can actually help others out, in a real practical way when working online.

    thank you so much for sharing this article with me.

  30. Hello Tony, thanks for your article packed with valuable information about guest blogging. I’m fairly new in the blogging field, (still building my own website and creating content) so learning about this concept guest blogging, for example, was very helpful. I really like the idea of guest blogging, especially because it can help aspiring bloggers to gain exposure and improve their ranking, Thanks so much for all your valuable info – the videos are very useful too!

  31. I am currently working toward mastering the art of  building premium links. It is challenging when you are starting out but I believe there is a way and I will find the way.  I believe this makes networking with other bloggers a crucial part of our online business . Like you said it is not easy to find sites that complement your site but we have to keep searching.

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  33. Guest blogging is something that I have not even considered. Finding a website ( hopefully with some authority ) that you don’t compete with, but are relevant to your own niche and that won’t charge you a small fortune can be difficult to say the least. It is however a option I would explore a bit later on. Thank you for the insight. 

  34. Your offer to be a guest blogger on your website is a fantastic idea. I checked out the to videos and found out that guest posting is premature for me. I am just about to hit 100 posts on my website and feel that I need to use my time to improve on the results I currently have. 

    Once I start to see my traffic improve, I will return to your guest posting article and will reconsider. Thanks for making this offer.

    You may want to check out my website and tell me that my conclusion was correct. 


  35. Timely article Tony!

    I was just thinking about guest blogging at a few big authority sites and was wondering a lot too about sending my content because it feels different send your hard work to another site instead of your own. But it is for the best and I do hope I can finally be a guest blogger at a few sites. Can’t wait to get my site connected to a premium site! 😀

  36. This is indeed a wonderful opportunity to be a guest blogger on your famous website. Until I read this post I had never really thought of the benefits to both parties of partaking in this activity. The importance of back links on seo is a new one on me. I had not thought about the fact that you may have to pay to be a guest blogger on a big site, but it makes perfect sense because you would receive more exposure.

  37. Hi Tony,

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful article. It is a very good idea as you’ve proposed it and looking at it now I really feel happy about the entire article, many people will like to give it a trial. I will like to be a guest blogger for such opportunity and seeing it here would give me so much happiness.


  38. So I am rereading your article about guest blogging. I am trying to understand specifically how backlinks play a role on google seo metrics. My assumption was that back links or too many of them can actually hurt you in the rankings long term. You are suggesting the opposite? Or are you suggesting a balance of some but not too many?

  39. Guest blogging sounds like a possible source of additional income, you just have to find the right place.  Other writers doubtfully make it very obvious that guest blogging is an option to make money.  You have to ask, maybe offer them to guest blog on your site.  The rest of the post was about different kinds of links, and there are a lot of them, to consider.

  40. Hey Tony,

    Thanks for putting this article on guest blogging together.

    I’m not sure I understand the part about finding a site where you can be a guest blogger for cheap.  If it’s mutually beneficial for both parties, why should money be exchanging hands?

    I’ve heard that you can also contact online publishers like Medium and submit something to them, but you might not get approved.  Is that right?

    Really appreciate you setting all of this up.


  41. I really like the quality content and offers that I can find on your Tony site. There are so many good reviews and so much quality text to read, great platforms that people can visit and join all the activities with people who have the same interests in making money online in a variety of ways. Again a good recommendation and thank you for that.

  42. Tony, I have some questions/comments from watching the video you embedded from Neil Patel.

    What is B2C? He said these niches are not worth guest posting.
    What is B2B? He said these niches are worth guest posting.

    I appreciate his honesty and I can see why you linked his video. No doubt you like him too as I do. Very rare you see these gurus telling us, “hey do it for at least two years to see the results.” They understand that people are desperate and they use that bit of information to prey on the public, making people think that they will earn in little time. So, thank you for sharing this video.

    The take away is that we need to become “authority figures” in our field.

  43. It is a very informative post about guest blogging.

    It is nice to know about all the components included in a link; I never paid much attention to that before; I only use the links!

    I was asked once to be a guest blogger on someone else’s website. Probably because the website wasn’t getting much traffic or because it didn’t have top quality content, it did not help me much boosting my website ranking in Google.

  44. The idea of guest blogging is an interesting one that I have been considering that is clearly a good way to drive more traffic to your site.  The point you make about developing backlinks via this method is a good idea as I understand that these can help to increase ranking and  hence traffic too your site.  The tips video was also really helpful.  Thank you for highlighting the benefits of guest blogging.

  45. Tony, thanks for sharing this information. I’ve heard a lot about guest blogging and didn’t know all of the ins and outs of doing it. I’m always afraid to ask – afraid to get a “no” answer (LOL) Do you have any suggestions as to how to ask a potential website owner about guest blogging, if I were in a different niche and had an interest? I’d love any suggestions. Thanks again!

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  47. Thank you for opening the opportunity to be a guest blogger on your site, Tony. I’ve heard about the guest blog strategy but don’t really understand its worth. With your explanation above, I know now that it’s important for your offsite SEO. Can I submit an article related to general lifestyle guest blog in your place? Thank you

  48. Nice idea Tony! I have a fairly new blog and I know I need to develop some backlinks to my site to help with SEO. I haven’t quite got this far yet but I will certainly be in touch as soon as I am ready.

    Thanks for the useful tips here. I learned a lot.

  49. I plan to start on guest posting soon and keep up with it. When i read this article, and I remember how I love writing, I ask myself “So why am I not guest posting?”. It is because I didn’t understand the value of it. Thanks to that guy in the video, I see where I could just plan a series of posts and get them out there. I am so  encouraged.  Thank you

  50. This is a great article that will be interesting to read to anyone who is looking for an open opportunity to become a guest blogger and get some backlinks to its own website!

    Building backlinks for a website is a great way to get known by people in your niche and it will also help your website to get a better domain rankin!

    Thanks so much Tony for giving the opportunity to become a guest blogger to anyone who is interested on it, I bookmarked your article, as I’m sure I will contact you later, this is something I need to give it a try!

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    The requirements to your site as a guess blogger is easily achievable, but since my site´s topic is too away from the general topics, I don´t see relevancy.

  52. Hi Tony , am ery happy you have written such a wonderful article, yes my website is new and in need of more visitors. It would help to know how to become a guest blogger.For the start, how much will it cost me? Guest blogging generates traffic for the blogger but also creates content for the
    website owner. The key is for the content to be original as well as
    valuable and relevant to the audience indeed. I want in. Thanks

  53. I was doing research about the guest blogging and I was not sure whether this is good for your SEO or not since there are some rumors out there saying that the backlinks do not work anymore. 

    Is it true – does it mean we should avoid it? 

    I don’t know and in my opinion, the guest blogging is still a good opportunity to be “out there”, to be known so to speak… 

    Let me contact you via email and let’s see what happens. 

    Thanks a lot for this opportunity. 

  54. I found this article interesting.  I found the explanation of links to be interesting and very informative.  I know links are important for websites, but I did not realize how important they are.  Links are more for search engines than for websites.  Having links to established websites will make my website look more important to a search engine.  I will definitely implement this into my website!

    Thanks for the information!

  55. Hi Tony,

    I’d love to be a guest blogger on your site. It’s sounds like something interesting and who wouldn’t like an opportunity to help their business grow. I find  the use of back links interesting. 

    Could you explain how do we decide what sites are best to link to? Also how do we determined if back linking is being overused?

    Candy Benn

  56. Hi Tony,

    Wow, you don’t cease to amaze! A very interesting article you have delivered here!

    I love and agree with the words, “life is a journey, not a competition”. How nice it is to have companions that you travel with, in any journey!

    I will surely look into guest blogging on your website.

    Thanks and best wishes!

  57. It’s me again here, just wondering if you could share your own experience of guest blogging on other websites?

    Do you find a trick where it will take less time to find websites and getting feedback?

    Was thinking about this last night and finding ways on what could be the most efficient way to do guest posting.

  58. What an interesting topic! 

    I have never heard of such a thing. This concept is true pay it forward mentality. A real community-based effort if people honestly use this as intended. 

    After reading this article I have a much better understanding of a few things that I had no clue how they worked. I can not wait to do some research and prepare an article to present in hopes you will approve. 

    I could use a backlink or twelve. 

    Brilliant Tony!

  59. As always, I’ve learned something new from roaming around your site. It has truly been a blessing to get to roam around and read. I really just come down to the comment sections to let you know that you are changing people’s lives with your content and I appreciate that a lot. I hope my comments are making you rank well on search engines I learned that what search engines are from your site 😉

  60. I am a big fan of collaboration Tony and I can see how guest blogging really would work for the search engines and also get great content. I am looking for someone at the moment in a specific area that my niche is in so this was an exceptionally interesting read. 

    I agree you need to set out the boundaries first so the guest blogger needs to know what they are working to but apart from this is an easy to follow principle. It’s a win / win and I love those. A great share Tony.


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