Become a Freelance Digital Marketer

Have you ever thought of earning an income online as a freelance digital marketer but thought that it would be too difficult, take too much time and/or money to learn?  I’m here to inform you that you can absolutely learn how to earn while doing freelance digital marketing jobs online from anywhere in the world.  Not only can you do it, I will be available to assist you 100% online along your journey to learning and earning.  I’ve been earning an income online since 2009 and have been assisting worldwide friends in earning online since 2014.

What is a Digital Marketing Consultant?

Digital Marketing Consultants can perform a variety of jobs depending upon their skills and experience level in the following areas:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Brand Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • Website Maintenance
  • URL Registration
  • Hosting Services

Search Engine Optimization uses keyword rich content in order to rank on page #1 of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc….

Content marketing is the creation of content that answers the questions and/or needs that potential customers would have about your product(s) and/or service(s) utilizing keywords as well as value based information.

Social Media Marketing is growing the brand awareness within the social media platforms establishing trust as well as a face to your business.

Search Engine Marketing is different than SEO because SEM deals with things such as PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads within the search engines.

Social Media Marketing also includes ads within the platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc… depending on the company’s business model.

Email Marketing is a way to build your list and get in front of your targeted audience that has subscribed to your newsletter.  You can also share deals, coupons, new articles, more content etc…. with your valued customers to establish even more value.

How much does a Freelance Digital Marketer make?

While the potential revenue generated does vary depending on many variables, the average full-time freelance digital marketer earns about $60,000 per year in the United States.  You can also of course start out Part-Time where you can expect to earn on average about $22 per hour of time involved.

When billing your customer, you wouldn’t bill per hour, you would bill either by the job or by the month and adjust your quote based upon expected time needed to accomplish the job.  The absolute best way to measure the time is to start by building your own business with the areas discussed earlier while applying what you’ve learned.

You can also do some free work for a very close friend and/olr relative in order to learn as well as establish a wonderful referral testimonial.

The best of the best in Freelance Digital Marketing Marketers like Gary Vaynerchuk, earn much more than $60,000 per year, more like upwards of $60,000,000 per year.

Where do You find Clients?

Finding clients that are in need of a freelance digital marketing specialist isn’t as difficult as it sounds.  Sites like CashJuice, LinkedIn, WebTalk, and other business social sites are the absolute best places to find potential customers.

Make sure that your profile & bio at the sites is very professional as well as to the point, highlighting your expertise in areas of digital marketing.  once you’re well established and confident, you can also find clients through sites like indeed, upwork, flexjobs, ziprecruiter, freelancer etc…

What Niches are available as Freelance Digital Marketer Consultants?

The potential is endless as every business within every niche needs the expertise of a great digital marketing consultant in order to be successful online.  No business that is online will last long without the help of a skillful professional in order to maximize it’s exposure on the worldwide web.

You may or may not want to freelance within your own niche, that’s your call and should depend upon the competitiveness of your market.  Some niches are huge and allow for many to be successful within the same niche but the best case scenario would be a niche that compliments yours.

I, myself am in the make money from home niche and although many believe that it’s ultra competitive, I see it as a great opportunity that keeps getting better.  Even more of the 7 billion people on earth are now looking to learn and earn online than in any other era.  Now is the time to get started as there has never been a better time in the history of the world.

Freelance Digital Marketer
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Where can You learn Digital Marketing Skills?

I have 2 recommendations for learning the skills required to become a successful freelance digital marketer, one is for the newest of beginners and the other is more advanced training.  You can learn about them by visiting this link or you can simply visit the Home Page here at 

Don’t worry, all clicks on the colored words will open the information in new tabs so that you won’t lose your place here on this article.

Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs
Click on the Image above to view a video explaining how to get started with Digital Marketing as a Freelancer!

Is being a Freelance Digital Marketer right for You?

That’s a question that only you can answer by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do You want to work from home?
  • Do You want to set your own hours?
  • Do You want to earn according to Your efforts & results?
  • Do You want to be able to work from anywhere in the world?
  • Do You want to be flexible enough to be able to travel whenever and wherever You want?
  • Are You willing to work hard to establish yourself as an expert in Your field?
  • Are You willing to put in the hours now to learn how to earn later?
  • Are You able to remain motivated and stay on course even with adversity?
  • Are You able to follow directions and take action on what You learn?

Did You answer Yes to more questions above than no? Yes, then becoming a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant may be just what you’re looking for!  Start now and before you know it, You’ll be completing Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs with ease and very professionally!

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  1. Great information and since I run an online business I try to wear all of those hats. You offered some great information here that will make my life easier and I will probably hire a couple to do a few of the items. Great explanation of what a Digital Marketer is.

  2. I found this article very helpful. The number of opportunities you laid out helped to define what services a freelance digital marketer can provide. I noticed that your list didn’t include website design and maintenance. What was your reason for leaving that out? 

    By providing what potential earnings can be puts this into perspective. You made it very clear that it will take time and effort to develop the skills in order to offer these services. Then you provided a way a budding entrepreneur can learn these skills. 

    Thanks for providing a wonderful path towards becoming a freelance digital marketer. 


    • Thank you so much Edwin for reading and also for your reminder to me that I have omitted website design & maintenance.  I will now add each of those & thank you again my friend.


  3. Wow, never thought of using existing skills to offer your services to other people, and it is wonderful that the internet is offering and opening up so many more opportunities for people to work online.

    Thank you for the resources that you have provided and the tips on how to get work. I think that many of us will find this useful as we have the skills, so why not get paid for them? I am also seeing the possibilities of using Linked In to find work in this way.

  4. The questions listed at the end that one has to ask oneself are indeed the formula to the puzzle. Being a digital marketer calls for hard work and somewhere along the line most people face the difficulties addressed by these questions. It helps to decide knowing off the bat what’s in store. Thanks for sharing this informative read on digital marketing. 

  5. Thanks for a good article about something I am passionate about – Freelance Digital Marketing. I have been actively pursuing this as my full-time “job” for the past several months. Part of that has included signing on to Legendary Marketer with Dave Sharpe. So far it has been very interesting and informative. I am working toward building my empire!

    Thank you, too, Tony for all of your informative and helpful articles.

  6. Now I have learnt the skills via WA, I am very tempted by this suggestion to become a freelance digital marketer.  Thank you for the suggestion and the links to potential customers. Your links to learning as a beginner or as an advanced digital marketer are also very welcome as I check I am competent enough to follow your suggestion.

  7. I hadn’t considered applying what I know about building my own website and SEO and social media marketing to become a freelance digital marketer at all.  Definitely something to consider once I feel more expert in the areas I’m working.  I definitely plan on working from home full-time and set my own hours as you mentioned at the end, so that’s a huge bonus.  Thanks for giving me something to think about to earn some more income from the skills I learn!

  8. Hey there this is an amazing review you have got here. i am sure that the quality information in this post will be of great help to anyone who come across it, i really that this is a very great opportunity for us online marketers and i am sure going to grab this opportunity thanks for sharing this with me

  9. Thank you for your post. It is useful for anyone who is interested in Becoming a Free lance Digital Marketer.

    I particularly like your description on Is being a freelance digital marketer right for you? Try to answer each of the nine question honest. For example, Are You able to remain motivated and stay on course even with adversity? Like doing anything, there are a lot of obstacles in the course of your business. While facing difficulties, please be positive and there is always way to solve the puzzle. Sometimes, it may take a little bit longer. Remember, never give up.

  10. Hello, Just read your article “Become a Freelance Digital Marketer”. Great information and since I am into digital marketing since sometime. I agree with almost all the points you mentioned. The number of opportunities you laid out helped to define what services a freelance digital marketer can provide. Thank you for the resources that you have provided and the tips on how to get work.

  11. This article is very great, full of information.  I was actually planning of starting working as a social media ad freelancer, and I’ve started putting measures in place to get started. This article just enforced my belief that I can make more money working as a freelancer.  Keep the good up by providing powerful and useful information like this for folks like me.Thank you so much.

  12. Hi, Tony, this is an interesting field and something I would be interested in moving into. Is the 15-day online business builder something that will work well alongside Wealthy Affiliate and is there any cross over with he two business models? I will be doing some more research into this. Thank you very much. Castle

  13. Good article as always! You explained very well what a digital marketer can do. And it’s a lot. So I think that all the money is well deserved and is one of the most lucrative jobs you can learn because the opportunities today are endless! Just one word for Gary Vee: love! One of my mentors in this field! 

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    I’ve read your article and enjoyed it and I’d like to share it with my friends by posting it in the Facebook community so that everyone knows about your article and gets to know it.

  15. Making money online as a Freelance Digital Marketer is the way to go.
    The job scope of a Digital Marketing Consultant is really interesting and tempting to a person who is holding a 9 to 5 job.

    Thanks, Tony! Your article will truly help us make a more well-informed decision and put into serious consideration of a Freelance Digital Marketer career as a future endeavor.

  16. Hello Tony, I have been looking for a means of making money online and becoming a freelancer something I would love to try so bad because I have great love for writing which gives me some level of assurance that I will do better and great if I am to go through the right training and that would help me a lot. I look forward to getting involved in online business via freelancing 

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  18. Earning money as a freelance digital marketer is a new concept for me, but one that I can certainly see to be very viable.

    It can certainly open a new world of earning opportunities. The payment of $22 per hours that you mention, actually does not sound too bad at all, so I will be checking it out. 

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  22. Hi Tony

    Thanks so much again for sharing valuable information about how to become a freelance digital marketer. As I looking for a way to work from home I was looking about some options to start part time building an online business. After reading your article, it’s clear that there is a good chance for anyone who is looking to start working from home, helping others to grow their online business could be a creative way to make a full income.

    I’m interested to learn more about it, and as you mention on your article, I could start working on it part time and get a few clients! 

    I will take a look to your recommendation!

  23. I like you no nonsense talk about becoming a freelance digital marketer. The perks look really good, with $60,000 average per year for full time work, or even part time at $22 an hour, or a lot more if you are motivated and willing to learn. I’ve definitely used online sites to find help for my online businesses, so I definitely believe in the potential that you talk about for getting business as a freelance. I love you summary of questions at the end, as you need to ask yourself those kind of questions if you want to succeed. And I want to succeed! I am definitely going to look more in depth into the social media marketing as that part of the work interests me the most. Thank you!

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  25. Wow! The window of opportunities that accompanies being a certified and very innovative and creative digital marketer is really endless. Being able to just stand alone and serve others while being bonded by no rules and laws of working for anyone specifically. I love the feel of this and I might consider diving into this field too as a second hustle for me

  26. Learning digital marketing skills can really be a game changer for our personal finances. And I know a lot of people are infected with the idea that earning money online could be easy. The have the mentality that scammers have implanted in the head of many. But obviously, after putting in the tremendous effort it takes to master these skills, it can truly pay off for years.

  27. It’s a good opportunity for me to have come across this article, becoming a freelance digital marketer is a good idea but I believe it is very appropriate to know what you are going into before you sign up for it. Thanks for explaining in details what it is about and the possible job space for a digital marketing consultant.

  28. Since the invention of the internet, there have been so many opportunities to make money online. With digital marketing you have the world of opportunity to make a good income. This is a good business to get into because the world is to the point where we are depending on this sort of technology. Thanks so much for sharing this information that is good help.

  29. I enjoyed the step-by-step explanations of how to do the various processes. 

    found really easy to understand and gave me full experience on having my on business

    Alternatively, freelancers can also be kept on a retainer basis for specialist tasks that would not be cost-effective if performed in-house.

    As such, becoming a freelance digital marketer could be a valuable and income-generation career path.

    Thank you!

  30. I am a member on LinkedIn, Upwork and Fiverr and this article is giving me more ideas of tasks I could do to improve my offerings. I probably would concentrate on one or two of the areas listed and increase the offers as my business increases. Good information here. I have got work to do !!!!

  31. Hello Tony, writing is something that seems easy to the eye of so many but when you come closer to it you see two things about it, being creative and being fast. Not everyone can deliver that and that is why freelancers should be really appreciated and paid properly. I am very much a writer and I really enjoy doing it. Although I haven’t tried making money from it. 

  32. You ask some good questions at the end of the article, questions that made me reflect. Do I want all this? Yes, I want to work from home and be my own boss, and I have been working for that for the last year, and I am still learning every day. Am I willing to put in the hours? Totally!

    I had not considered doing this as a freelance job, but it is also worth considering, since many people don’t want to bother with things like SEO or email marketing and they’d rather have someone else do it. Would Fiver be a good place to advertise as a freelancer in this area?

  33. Though I answered most of those questions yes, to see if being a freelance digital marketer is for me, I know I have so much more to learn before I can become a freelance digital marketer  That is ok, cause I’m willing to put in the work that is needed to become an expert in the field. I can appreciate the ideas you have given here and would definitely like to take on the challenge in the future. Thank you again for sharing a wonderful post.

  34. Thanks for providing the tips on how to get work online. Results come with dedicated hard work as you have rightly pointed out. I am positive that the useful information you provided here will be used by all who aspire to be seasoned digital marketers including myself. Thanks for the this great piece of work.

  35. Hi Tony,

    Another great article to learn and be knowledgeable. I run an online business and trying to hone my skills to be really good at few things to start with. I do all of the things for my website. My knowledge is limited on many of the areas. 
    currently I am bootstrapping my business.

    Dedication and commitment are the keys to success. I am happy be around you to share your knowledge.

    Thank you for sharing the resources to find clients. 

  36. Thank you Tony,

    I have enjoyed this information that you have given with regards to Digital Marketing and I am so pleased that you have shared with us. 

    I know that as I have started to build up my business that I am starting to explore different areas so there are some things here that I already do but there is so much that I am going to look into further. 

    Your information is always so useful and practical as you have learnt from your own experience and have been successful doing it.

    Thank you again for the awareness.


  37. Awesome information for online digital marketers. I don’t know much about this but I think it’s a very exciting field. As most of the world population is connected, it makes sense that in the near future almost every transaction will be done online and for that it’s very important to have great marketing skills.

    Not only to help business owners but even to set up our own businesses. Learning and educating ourselves on this topic will become, in the long run, the foundation for a better life style and perfect financial independence. Probably the hardest part in all this is to establish a reputation and get the trust from people to know that we will do a good job. The idea you mentioned here of working for free for friends and family is a valid one because it adds value to the goal while helping other out.

  38. Tony Lee, thanks for the great information. You have offered me great choices on what I need to choose from since am very new in this online business. My take is on Social media  marketing and content creation in the near future. Great work boss. I am actually going to share this on my facebook page.

  39. Hi Tony, I want to gain more experience in the field of Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant, so one day I can earn money with it. Thank you for sharing the platforms where we could find potential jobs. My main interest is in SEO and social media marketing. What’s your favourite training platform for these skills?

  40. I have thought about doing this once my own websites start producing more income. Right now even though I do all those on my own sites I don’t think I have yet to reach the qualifications to market myself. Maybe for Search engine optimization but not for the others. Thank you for laying out the list of possibilities in the future. I did bookmark for some inspiration to reach for.

  41. Thank you for making the business of online marketing seem doable and approachable. I think many of us are concerned about becoming a brand in the industry. How do we do that? I think it is more than just doing work in a niche, but I am not quite sure what it entails. There are some people who are marketing consultants for specific industries and they are a marketing leader in that industry, like professional sports. Do clients want someone to just work on their marketing and not the marketing for their competitors in the industry? How does an online marketer handle that scenario?

  42. Gary Vaynerchuk in his video said something that I didn’t realize until now. He spoke that attention is key to everything. That  word caught my attention, I immediately related to traffic in SEO words. Becoming a freelance digital marketer is to see those opportunities coming up from traffic. 

    As you said it, making money from home, a niche very competitive, you looked it as an opportunity to keep growing. I believe that all boils down to take your risk until mastering something and keep moving.

    This article, and the video as reinforced me to not to quit, keep going and expect an opportunity, and take actions.

    Thanks for the overview of all the possibilities that a freelance digital marketer has.

  43. Tony your excellent post on Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant is very interesting and informative for me and others. As you have said the job of a marketing Consultant is numerous and depending on their skills. 

    You also explained the different tasks that are performed by a marketing consultant. There are areas you can find clients as well to make your online business a success. You explained that there are a lot of areas that the consultants can be engaged in with respect to niches. 

    Thank you also for advising us on where we can get specific training on any of those specific areas of a digital marketing consultant. Like the training we do here at Wealthy Affiliate, we train and do the tasks as well so that we learn better and improve our specific skills. I am very interested in learning any of those skills and will definitely visit your website to learn those skills. 

    Your posts are very important to us to advance in our online business.    

  44. The one think that I will say is you made the point several times that becoming a online Consultant takes patience and time
    to master the skills that many do not have or for those that have some of the required skills to take the time to blend or add more advance skills for task which are necessary to enhance the amount of money one needs now and in the very near future.

    i will certainly give a copy of your post to all of my grandschildren and hope the information will give them a head start, if they take advance of the information.


  45. Thanks for the informative article! I have never considered becoming a digital marketing consultant before. Right now, I don’t really feel “qualified” to help others with this, since my website isn’t ranking or making any money yet. Still, it’s definitely something to think about for the future! Working for myself is definitely something I would love. For now, it’s just a pipe dream, but I’m determined to make it happen!

  46. Hi Tony. 

    So many skills in becoming a freelance digital marketer that it seems overwhelming. I am still learning as much are becoming more advanced. Good thing business applies to all niches. Anyone in any niche can be driven to learn this.Your videos are very motivational and help me stay on top of my game.  

  47. Wow, you have a lot of great content on your website! 

    I’m sure anyone, including myself, could get lost in all the content you have here to offer others. I loved the Gary Vaynerchuk video! Very inspiring! I I will be sure to check your site frequently as you have a lot of great content available. 

    Thank you for following Vaynerchuk’s advice and giving so much content away for free. I am sure you will be very successful if you are not already! 

    All my best, 

    Mel Williams

  48. Working freelance online can be a great job, no doubt. 

    The opportunities and fields are endless. Every business within every niche needs the expertise of a great digital marketing consultant in order to be successful online. No business that is online will last long without the help of a skillful professional in order to maximize its exposure on the world-wide-web.

    I have been using Fiverr for some time now and I got my website logos designed by a rather sweet chap from Pakistan. And it was really cheap too. 

    These are great services and if we have any expertise, we can easily become Freelance Digital Marketer Consultants.


    • Hey sir this is what we call short and sweet, the content is so much readable. Working from home has been my dream long time ago, freelance digital marketing should be one of the department in my business, i’m impressed with the way you elaborate the places to look into when we want to start with such platform, i’m looking into it as we speak i will be in touch IF i find difficulties,

  49. Hi Tony, I never thought that I could also be a Freelance Digital Marketer. Your post details what other services I can offer as a Freelancer. As a Virtual Bookkeeping for 3 years, I can offer to my existing clients the Digital Marketer services. I will do some research and study on your recommendation so I can start on it as soon as possible..

  50. I find this article very informative and useful Tony. It’s helps facilitate a dedicated mind to one of the fast growing sectors of business in the world today and your explanation on digital marketing really clears the air on all its about. I feel I have gained an immense amount of knowledge from this article and feel confident that with it I can venture into digital marketing as it interests me. Thank you, Tony

  51. This is a must needed article on freelance marketing. Content marketing is the number one method to becoming an online marketer and most who start out are successful within a year. It is important to research the keywords with great tools that are mentioned and to interact on social media. I will be sharing your article with my social media followers as provided great refreshing advice.

  52. Thanks for the article.  

    I am incredibly interested in how to be able to work from home!  I have a two-year-old daughter, and during this pandemic, daycares are closing, schools are only open a few days a week, I need flexibility.  

    I think creating and developing these digital marketing skills are incredibly important for working online, at home, and having flexibility.

    You were mentioning the competitiveness in the make money from home niche, would digital marketing fall under that competitive category?  Are all facets of working from home competitive? Or are there less competitive ones? Let me know your thoughts.  I can’t wait to see what these training programs offer!


  53. Great information you put out here. 

    Having a business online is extremely competitive, and reaching out to someone to help you set up your site for success is extremely hard to do. 

    Many obstacles can be in your way, as many of us work full time jobs, limited finances, discouraged with not seeing success quick enough.   

    Your information is easy to follow, and you instill confidence in others with your skill to help us build our business model so that we can all be successful as well.  

    I look forward to reading and learning more.


  54. Hello Tony, 

    I have been wanting to start an online business now from 2010. I can still remember when I searched online the words “how to make money online” I first learned all about WordPress and designing my first site. Then moved on to SEO and all kinds of marketing techniques. I just never really put the effort in until I started reading your post. It gave me the confidence to take another hit and try again. 

    Thank you for this Tony.

  55. Wow, it is very clear that the direction how to earn money online absolutely found this site because you are offering new knowledge who are serious in online world that you will guide 100%, of course clients attract those people already earning money online and follow for what they did and trust is there. Thank you for this information. 


  56. This sounds very interesting.  Will it be easy for me to learn it even I don’t have a vast knowledge on digital marketing and software?  Also, can I combine this with my present venture which is affiliate marketing?  I would love to gain more knowledge on Digital Marketing Consultancy since this will give me the freedom to work at home.  Thank you!

  57. I enjoy a post where I learn something new. A digital marketer is for sure a new field that is well paid lately. Ultimately, all advertisement will be done online so this is a good topic to start discussing about.

    The structure of the topic is great and easy to understand. Great work  


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