MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop chasing Family and Friends, Become a Network Marketing Pro with Digital Marketing?

Yes, the old way of making a list of 100 Family & Friends while not prejudging them to decide who will and who won’t be interested in the new Direct Sales, Network Marketing, MLM and/or “Home Based Business” Business that you have decided to share and build your wealth and dreams.

I’m not judging you or anyone else, I was also involved in a Network Marketing, Direct Sales, Multi-Level Company where I was advised to in the fastest manner possible share in person with everyone that I knew.  Starting with the people who I knew the closest and who would support me the most.

In most cases as you well know, not only did most of them not join me with my new journey to financial independence, most of them answered “I’ll see how you do then get in if you do well”.  In the back of their minds of course many if not most of them had already decided that I would not only fail miserably but that I would quit in no time at all.

Fast forward a few years and I’ll now share with you how I’ve been sharing the “Digital Marketing Veteran” way and how I also advise all Friends who would like to start and grow a true “Home Based Business” working 100% completely from home.  Remember how the old way of working a “Home Based Business” involved more time away from home?  Hotel and/or house meetings, driving all over town for sharing with Friends and Family either via a DVD or pamphlet presentation etc…. Not anymore!

There is a much easier and better way with Digital Marketing to become a Network Marketing Professional and 100% from home or from wherever you are and in any part of our world.  There are over 3 Billion People currently online today, yes that’s Billion with a B!

What if I told you that you could start to generate a full time income from home with far fewer than 3 Billion people on your team?  How about if I were to tell you that you can earn a very nice income with fewer than even 30 personal referrals out of the over 3 Billion people online?  Even though you may be saying that 30 still sounds like a lot, remember that we are not talking about sharing with Family & Friends in person like you have done in the past.

I myself in the past 3 years have personally sponsored/referred over 3,000 Friends to either one or all of my Top Recommendations that I share right here on my website assisting Friends in earning an income online.

Below I will also share posts from my website here that you can click upon to learn more about the sites that I recommend for You and all Friends to earn a full time income from anywhere on the Planet!


So, exactly how do I suggest that You utilize the above sites in order to grow your current Direct Sales, Network Marketing, MLM, Work from Home, Home Based Company and 100% online?

I am so glad that you asked!

Wealthy Affiliate

With Wealthy Affiliate you will be able to learn how to create a website and a blog while monetizing your website blog with Affiliate Marketing sharing your current company as well as any or all of the above sites as well just like I’m sharing with you.  There is however, no promoting allowed within the actual platform so your sharing will be within your own website.



Global Moneyline is also an exceptional place to share all of the above as well.

CB Pro Ads is a ready made storefront that you can easily link your Clickbank ID to and have thousands of digital products available to anyone who visits your site.

The above is just a small introduction to each site and you can of course click on the more information “Blue Colored” words above to learn more.

There is also a search block and an archived tab at the bottom right with years of articles about the above sites and more as well.

Friends, when join all or any of the above sites to grow your current Business you’ll not be alone.  I will always be here for you when you ask me for assistance and I will be glad to help you to earn an income online from anywhere in our world and 100% online with Digital Marketing.

Friends & Family Worldwide

Oh, back to your Family & Friends…..

Once you start earning an income 100% online and from home, your Family and Friends will take notice then approach you with curiosity.  Not only will you then be able to share with the willing, you’ll also be able to show them that you are successful.  Remember earlier that we agreed that the most common thing that our Family & Friends tell us is that they’ll “Wait and see how you do and join you when you’re doing well”?

The time is now my Friend, let’s get to where you’re being successful without chasing Family & Friends then they’ll come chasing you.

Comment below with any thoughts and/or questions, talk with you soon.


54 thoughts on “MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Comparing MLM and affiliate marketing is just so bad, affiliate marketing is in all ways better than any MLM businesses because it has the largest tendencies of success and you making money from it is assured to an extent, but MLM businesses online benefits a few set of people which makes it not so good.

  2. Surely an interesting juxtaposition between these two concepts. They cannot be more far apart. Affiliate marketing to me is way better than mlm because mlm has been proven over the time to not be always lasting and there seems to always be issues that erupt with the ones sustaining. Affiliate marketing is well easier to get started with and can quickly be achieved with without having to refer or bring in people that you know in

  3. The business line can be very wide and if you are not careful you’ll end up going for the wrong one and this is one reason I appreciate this articles a it gives you the right understanding about two major part of online businesses. For me I’ll always go with affiliate marketing as mlm has so much complexity and I really don’t like the stress of dealing 

  4. Some competitions are not really worth it and I feel like this one is one of them. MLM is not a legit comparison to what affiliate marketing offers. There is a stack difference between the two and I feel like the possibility of making money through affiliate marketing is even greater.

  5. Family members just never seem to understand until we succeed. It seems that the majority of people are afraid of going their own way. I think that is a great pity. We could have much more great entrepreneurs if this was not true. The 90/10 rule would also vanish if people just trusted themselves and not society.

  6. For me, I would say Affiliate Marketing and MLM are not mates as Affiliate Marketing is a well more secured and more scalable type of online business that has the possibility to earn you passive income for a long time but for mlm the case is quite different as only the people that comes in first benefit from it while the last set of people tend to earn little or noting.

    I have been with wealthy affiliate for a very long time and i must tell you the are one of the best platform for those wanting to get into affiliate marketing.

  7. I’ll say that I consider affiliate marketing over MLM. Though they both have their advantages and disadvantages. But the advantages of affiliate marketing far outweighs that of MLM. When we look at these business model and what to go for, we should consider looking at the long term. Most of these MLM companies don’t last. You’ll see some being chased by FTC, closed down, or as a newbie to MLM, you may not earn much or even get back your capital. But with affiliate marketing, you get to have way lot peace of mind. You are in full control.

  8. Multi-level marketing (MLM), also called pyramid selling, network marketing and referral marketing is a controversial marketing strategy for the sale of products or services where the revenue of the MLM company is derived from a non-salaried workforce selling the company’s products/services, while the earnings of the participants are derived from a pyramid-shaped or binary compensation commission system.

    I would advise people to go with affiliate marketing. Thank you Tony for the article.

  9. I have read and heard a lot about both Affiliate Marketing and Multi Level Marketing and I think they are both great ways to earn money digitally but in my opinion I think affiliate marketing is more profitable than Multi Level Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a well more secured and more scalable type of online business that has the possibility to earn you passive income for a long time. 

  10. When it comes to whether or not joining an mlm or sticking to affiliate marketing would be better for me, I like to think I enjoy the freedom of affiliate marketing more. I currently have a friend who is part of an mlm and they are actively recruiting new members and the whole thing seems very structured, not to mention the upfront costs. Every time I think about joining I think about how much fun it is building my website and doing things my own way, and I decide against it. 

  11. Hi Tony,
    Another remarkable post. You have nicely compared MLM and associated marketing. I agree with you. My favorite among these two is definitely affiliate marketing because the money that can be earned through it is truly limitless. Wealthy Affiliate is surely the best platform in its industry for educating newbie affiliate marketers. Thanks for sharing such useful information. Keep it up.
    All the best,

  12. MLM is just straining and time consuming, It also leads to loss of many relationships due to chasing people to join under you. It is such an old broken system. I definitely vouch with affiliate marketing more especially if one has a blog. It is simple to implement and has a better congversion rate than MLM. Nice article Tony. I loved it. 

  13. As your article alludes to, affiliate marketing wins over MLM in so many ways!

    I have never liked the MLM model. It just seems so wrong to beg others to sell for us with the idea they will do the same to their family and friends, and the continuing cycle will make us all rich. Some might make money. Most do not. It just isn’t a sustainable model, in my opinion.

    Affiliate marketing is so different! In fact, there can be several of us promoting similar products and not harm each other’s sales. We aren’t dependent on the work of other marketers. Our own efforts lead the game, so to speak.

    Thanks for pointing out these differences. I think it will be helpful to others looking into making money online.

  14. I much prefer affiliate marketing over MLM because I would rather promote products rather than selling them.

    Selling is a skill that either comes naturally, or something you have to learn. Getting it right can be very difficult, and personally I’m not comfortable with it. 

    I also don’t like the idea of having to sell products to my family and friends, and also try to possible recruit them to sell as well.

    Affiliate marketing on the other hand allows you to simply promote products, and of course those products are already  proven to sell.

  15. Hello,

    Personally I don’t trust MLMs and have always been defiant towards this. I’ve met a lady once who was very nice by the way to start an MLM business in cosmetics.  Fortunately with affiliate marketing there is no such thing. All you have to do is writing regularly to attract traffic, build your reputation as an authority, and recommend products as you would do with a friend. So I’m team affiliate marketing. Sorry MLM!

  16. I think you have to ask yourself first which one suits your personality best and also how much capital you can invest. Personally, I love the lucrative of MLM but I have yet to come across with a good company with a good product yet. Along the process I have wasted a lot of money and also stuck with the products that I do not need. Anyways, I prefer affiliate marketing more since the more I put my time and effort, plus the capital to start is not that much and i can work on my schedule, the reward I will see. It will just take time and I am in no rush. For me, Affiliate marketing is a better choice. 

  17. MLM vs Affiliate Marketing is a total no brainer. The MLM is a get rich quick scheme which doesn’t work. I know because I have been involved with both. The affiliate marketing strategy is much preferable to the MLM because with Affiliate Marketing you are working for your self, you are not lining the pockets of the people above you. You have explained the differences perfectly in this article. 

  18. Well, looking at MLM and what it’s usually promoting is simply so terrible. In my honest opinion, Affiliate Marketing is in all ways better than any MLM organizations since it has the biggest propensities of success and achievement (without losing your shirt!) and for many people it starts bringing in cash from it relatively fast if you are focused and work hard and consistently. On the other side though we have MLM organizations who can quickly put a poor fool into debt!

  19. Hi, it’s me Aps again. I think I missed out on a very crucial aspect of Affiliate Marketing and a product that is ideal in this space. Yes, I too am talking about Wealthy Affiliate and I wish to reassure other readers about how WA has worked so well for me. Tony of course is a veteran in WA as well. It’s all due to WA that he has been able to make such a name for himself around the world. He is recognized online as one of the celebrated affiliate marketers. 



  20. Affiliate marketing is always better than MLM.  As an affiliate, if you are patient and work hard, you will be rewarded sooner or later.  This can’t be said of MLM.  They are usually purposely hard to understand, and have few benefits to speak of.  Maybe as the Online King, you can make a good profit, but not the everyday Joe that is looking for some decent money online.

  21. I want to say you cannot compare a Multilevel marketing MLM company with affiliate marketing as they are two poles apart. There is simply no comparison between the two. It is like comparing apples with oranges, or even lemons. 

    The MLM  business model is based on having to recruit people to make money and is so far removed from affiliate marketing

  22. Tony, Another great article that tells the truth about making money online. For many years I was involved in multi level marketing schemes that did nothing more than take money out of my pocket, make my family think I was always looking for them to give me some of their money, and never making nearly enough money to cover my original costs. But fast forward a few years and I have been doing affiliate marketing with wealthy affiliate. It took a long time and a lot of work but I am finally making a significant income stream that more than covers all the money I have shelled out to join wealthy affiliate as a premium member.I would highly recommend it to anyone especially since you don’t need a credit card to start out!

  23. MLM business can really be painful. I remember my days there, and yes that was a common  advise to list a group of 100 people – family and friends , We are really grateful for this digital age, that you can still achieve the same without spoiling your immediate relationships.Of the 5 you have recommended, I am currently fully into WA, just signed up for Global moneyline and will on a latter stage explore others Thank you.

  24. If you would have asked me about MLMs ten years ago, I would have been all excited about them and promoting them. Although at this time I know that there are many good MLM companies with high quality products, I’m sick of all of them in this industry promoting themselves as the perfect company (where in reality they’re so far from it, as any of us).

    I have heard about Global Moneyline quite frequently lately. I’ll definitely check it out myself.

  25. Thanks for the article I found it to be very interesting.  I haven’t done any MLM but know people who have I’m of the opinion that Affiliate Marketing is the way to go.  I have joined Wealthy Affiliate and think it is an exceptional program with all a person needs to go forward and make an income from home.  

  26. I actually helped put myself through grad school with AMWAY.  I did pretty well.  Later, I went to Bestline and made some money but it was terminated.  A number of years ago I tried ACN.     I had some success in all of these, but the constant need to go to meetings and recruit got to be a lot.  I began affiliate marketing about 4 years ago.  I love to write and find that working on my own for me is much better than recruiting.  I think it took longer to make money through affiliate marketing but it is very satisfying.

  27. There is a huge difference between MLM businesses and affiliate marketing and the people who deal with it. The exceptions are those who can make money from an MLM business as they can make money from affiliate marketing. It’s a real business that when you have quality content it is like a money-making machine. There is a huge difference.

  28. I am not a supporter of the MLM business, which is obvious, otherwise I would not have joined the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I think it’s easier to use and offers a lot more room for improvement. Of course that’s my opinion and I know I’m not alone in this.Affiliate marketing is well easier to get started and he is in all ways better than any MLM businesses.

     My attitude- I’ll always go with affiliate marketing.

  29. I have previously been involved in several MLM companies, some were suitable for me some were scams and some not sustainable. Affiliate marketing offers everyone the chance to be successful online, but you must learn how then put in the hard work. and you can build a sustainable business. MLM, in my opinion, can build you a successful business but you may have to roll the dice of chance a few times to be a success

  30. I never connected the dots between an MLM type business and an online affiliate marketing business. I like the options that you provided. I am going to check them out. I am looking for an additional revenue stream that I can do online. I am planning on retiring soon and I cant just do nothing, if you know what I mean.  Thanks for this!

  31. This page started the exact same as a different one I read so since it started the exact same i just quickly scanned over the contents and find that it is very useful information for people looking for this information and can be a big help for people looking to start a career in something. It may even help them choose a niche that they can enjoy working on.

    If it is the same page.then very good, well made and very informative information.

    Good luck 

  32. The upline in MLM will have more interest to help push their downline to succeed. Some MLM that I came across requires the left and right side to match before commission can be earned.  So there is incentive for such coach to keep pushing, training their downline to succeed. With affiliate marketing, the onus is on ourselves to reach out to our coach and the community for help in achieving our own success. I would prefer the latter but hope my coach pushes me abit more.

  33. Hi there, very interesting and intriguing post, your writing has a special and gentle style 🙂

    I think the comparison between MLM and affiliate marketing is huge, and that affiliate marketing is the best way (in my opinion) to generate income from the internet without a big investment

    Either way, I think not only me, but many more people loved reading your post content, looking forward to see more!


  34. I totally understand you Tony,

    Especially the “I’ll see how well you do it first”, I used to get a ton of those. Doing MLM is super tough right now, people are getting clever and they know well to stay away, and those that don’t know well enough, they at least knew how to avoid by reading the traits of a scammer. It’s not wrong, but I believe sharing our stories online or through a blog like yours is a major convincer for any business that we do today.

  35. I am now way near that level of success, but I place great value on your recommendations. I have put behind me those years of starting and stopping those MLM schemes after I realised that I hate myself for always chasing my family and friends to do business with me.I am putting more into my WA preparations and just joined Global money line on your link. I still need to figure out how it all works,. Thanks for your dedication to sharing your success.

  36. Well the beauty and the success of Affiliate marketing is just so easier to get started with and can quickly be achieved without having to refer or bring people that you know in. You don’t don’t have to be a disturbance to anyone. They just have to register at their free will, while you are busy working on how to earn some commissions from other products online.

  37. What an interesting comparision. MLM or multi level marketing and affiliate marketing are such different business models. Yes I would agree affiliate marketing is definitely the way to go ( for me) but I have also seen a few mlm companies that have a decent business model in place. Apples to oranges, some like apples me I prefer ornges.

  38. Hi Tony,

    I do like the idea of going the affiliate marketing way. After all who likes to hear no? In MLM you do have to have some persuasive skills I believe and be prepared to be turned down over and over again. In the Affiliate marketing on the other your income stream calls for no interaction except for what is done via your website content. This lends more anonymity and makes it possible to be more open with persons and the fear of rejection is absent.


    Candy Benn

  39. Hello Tony,

    I always read your articles with great interest as you offer a wealth of experience and success. I think MLM is definitely very difficult and not something that I have been particularly interested in. However, Wealthy Affiliate for more makes so much sense. Lots to learn and so many people around willing to help along the way. Hearing about other peoples success and struggles makes things real and enables me to get a better understanding about this business.

    I think the point that you made about introducing family and friends to business to grow your own success is really difficult however, as you mentioned when you become a success you can help them which I believe is a much better way.

    You always offer such great advice which I really appreciate it. You provide great links to help so many people lead the life that they deserve.

    Greatly appreciated

    Thank you

  40. Many people won’t go for these MLM companies because the only people that benefit are just the ones on the upper level. There are some that are legit but most of them as far as I know try to get the most people to join but then don’t do anything else. When you try to get family members to join, usually you will get that skeptic face. I love affiliate marketing, because it is more geared toward an individual and you actually have to do the hard work.

  41. Hi Tony,

    In review of your training, this topic as been a thing I research on Google to know the different between the two systems. MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing, there is no comparison in both system because Affiliate marketing is strong in all area than MLM, your article is cute good and impressive.

    Thank you.


  42. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for yet another enlightening article!

    Though still challenging, I definitely prefer Affiliate Marketing. I have never been able in about two years to get to grips with MLM. Maybe I need many more years. Affiliate Marketing is not at all complex. It’s just that world conditions are constantly changing, for the worse. So more and more Regulations, Terms and Conditions, Algorithms, etc are being instituted, to our despair.

    Have an enjoyable Final Quarter of 2020!

  43. One thing that I find with MLM opportunities is that your success depends on others or your downline! You have to recruit people that are as motivated as you to achieve success. Talking from experience, I was once involved in an MLM. I tried to recruit some family members. Many of them said right out the bat that they were not interested, and the few that sign up only did so to stop me nagging them. They were not interested in promoting and getting referrals.

    So I learned my lesson the hard way and now rely on affiliate marketing, where my success depends on my own efforts.

  44. Hello! You have highlighted some great point about online business. You have suggested different online business courses and sources like wealthy affiliate and webtalk. 

    I am also a number of wealthy affiliates and I achieve a lot of informative knowledge. Therefore, your suggestions are wonderful and suitable for someone who wants to achieve breakthrough in online business.

    Thanks for your sharing. I am always looking for your new post and pages. Your idea help me improve.

  45. I recall the draw of MLM’s some years ago, but I can only think of a few people who were successful at it. You are giving some good arguments that Affiliate Marketing is a better route than MLM’s. Your top recommendations are really good and I will look at each of those options.

    Are there any changes to MLM’s that make it a better option nowadays?

  46. Thanks for writing the difference between MLM and affiliate marketing. I also agree that we tend to be more successful with affiliate marketing. I’m really annoyed when my close friend asked me to buy his products and even join his underlines. Currently, I’m building an affiliate marketing blog and I hope it can be successful as yours.

  47. I don’t like the comparison of MLM vs Affiliate marketing, as they are a completely different way to make money.  MLM are just like the description multi level marketing.  Affiliate marketing allows you to promote more then one companies products and totally more open and honest.

    Thanks for the post, as I do know that many people attempt to make money with MLM, but in my opinion very unsuccessfully. 

  48. I see you have all your favorite money-making platforms working for you together seamlessly to enable you to earn multiple streams of income. This is what every internet marketer aims for so that eventually he can basically run his business on autopilot.

    With any platform that requires referrals though it does take constant work. Wealthy Affiliate is my favorite on your list, as this platform teaches you how to generate an income using things you know about or hobbies, whereas all the others are more related to making money online. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you to build an affiliate marketing business, and if you don’t have referrals you can still make money, which is what I love about this platform.

  49. Reading your post brought back memories. I joined my first MLM company in 1996. It was based on the phone card craze and was a disaster. The company expanded it’s niche to include skin care products. This confused the heck out of its members. Eventually it went out of business. I eventually joined a legitimate MLM skin care company that is doing very well. I bought shares in the company at $7 that are now worth $200. I even enrolled family and friends. It fizzled when they tried to recruit and failed. 

    When I came across Affiliate Marketing a couple of years ago, my eyes opened to a better way to do MLM just like you are promoting. As long as the products are fairly priced, you can tread the MLM business as a purely direct sales activity using affiliate marketing techniques. And later brining up the business opportunity to a select few dedicated customers who become customers for life because they love the product.

    It all makes sense Tony! Thanks for the post.


  50. Cheers for your post, Tony, in this day and age it is vital for internet users to understand the difference between multi-level marketing and affiliate marketing.
    Since very often it’s not really clear what the differences are. One major difference that I am aware of is recruiting people for MLM platforms, while AM is about promoting any products you like and not forcing anyone to join, and that’s why I have chosen to be an affiliate marketer myself. Thanks again for your useful info!

  51. You describe it well, there is a gigantic difference between MLM and affiliate marketing. I had a sister in law trying to get success with Herbalife sales and employing people and she made some good money. In the beginning.. Then it started to slack, of course, there wasn’t anybody left to sell too in her friends and family circle!  With affiliate marketing, it is the opposite, when you put the work in it, in the beginning, you won’t make much money, but the longer and harder you work, you will get more successful ! 

  52. First, I am not familiar with MLM or digital marketing which is why I am struggling with this business model on WA. So don’t take my comments hard. Your article is entitled Affiliate Marketing vs. MLM. So I was expecting to see a side-by-side comparison of both models and I didn’t see any comparisons. Nor did I see a clear definition of each model.  

    I know that MLM is multi-layered/level marketing but I am not familiar with the details. I am assuming your audience is familiar with these terms and have some experience with the concept. So if you are trying to reach a beginner audience like me, I wasn’t sure what to do to learn more. Or how I would benefit financially from digital marketing. 

    Personally, I would like to see a clear definition of each model and side-by-side comparison. Maybe you could give a mini-tutorial unless you’ve done so already in another article. Advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons of each model are always good articles. 

    On an appearance note, I would like to see narrower margins, articles with narrow margins are a lot easier to read than wider margins. WA uses narrow margins on their site which is easier on the eyes. 

    Otherwise, it looks like you’ve succeeded in this business and people are responding to your articles. Congratulations!!

  53. This is exactly why I got into Affiliate marketing and why I’m always on Mr hamilton’s website. Love your content, sir. MLM may not consider itself to be a pyramid scheme, but the way in which they do things literally makes the shape of a pyramid. Be careful who you listen to, guys. I personally find MLM to be one of the most scammiest forms of marketing.


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